Karen Turner-Schlegel, PT, DPT, MTC has been committed to empowering patients to live their lives to the fullest for over 20 years. Dr. Karen Turner-Schlegel believes in a Pilates-based approach to Physical Therapy that’s Results Driven to help you be Empowered, Healthy and Thrive. Unlike other physical therapy services, clients receive every session with full attention by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Discover the difference that Karen provides with Physical Therapy & Pilates.

After starting her career as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, her curiosity about rehabilitating injuries led her to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy. Her ability to listen, her dedication, and her experience and education allow her to deliver exceptional patient care. By honing in on the source of dysfunction, she is able to put together an effective treatment plan for each patient.

Always mindful that she is treating the whole person, not just an injury, she does so with integrity and compassion. Her approach to healing is to provide a positive, encouraging atmosphere for one-on-one training toward pain-free movement. Karen is an expert at identifying postural dysfunctions and muscle imbalances which lead to painful movement. Karen is able to target the source and treat with great success toward pain-free movement!

Karen has had the privilege to complete advanced studies in the Integrated Systems Model with Diane Lee and her associates.  It is an honor to study with Diane as she has been very instrumental in our Physical Therapy industry, providing cutting-edge information and treatments for the Thorax, Lumbar Spine and Pelvis (The ‘core’ of the body).  Diane is a well-respected author of several books and has experienced much success with her Integrated Systems Model which incorporates the whole body whenever treating patients.

Everything ultimately connects to the core!  Which is why treating the underlying problem and not merely the symptom is fundamental in this Integrated Systems Model approach.  Every patient is different and therefore every treatment is different, but where do we start? The Integrated System Model provides a way for evaluating the break down or failed load in the body and finding the best place to start treatment.

Stop chasing your pain and let Karen help you get to the root of the problem.

Karen’s Education:

Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
Manual Therapy Certification, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
Master of Physical Therapy, Chapman University
Pilates Training with Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Graduate Program
Integrated Systems Model, Advanced Studies with Diane Lee & Associates

Karen’s Fitness Background:

Karen has worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor in a variety of Health Clubs and Fitness Resorts over a 16 year span.  Some of her previous locations include:  Rancho La Puerta Fitness Resort, Golden Door Spa, Sports Club LA, Spectrum Santa Monica, Sporting Club San Diego and Fitness for Her San Diego.  It is Karen’s passion to provide one-on-one training to help her clients achieve their goals, whether it be rehabilitating an injury, strength and conditioning or general wellness.  Her combination of using the Pilates Method with general fitness training has proven to be very successful.