The shoulder is a very mobile, ball-and-socket joint which makes it more susceptible to injury.  The rotator cuff muscles and the surrounding scapula stability muscles must work in harmony to create fluid motion of the shoulder joint.

Common causes of shoulder pain:

  • Rotator cuff tendonitis, tear or bursitis any one of these conditions can affect the rotator cuff muscles.  A tear from trauma or repetitive motions can cause pain and abnormal motion in the joint.  The muscle tendon could become irritated, causing tendonitis which is increased inflammation.  Increased swelling in the bursa of the shoulder can cause pain as well.
  • Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis which is increased stiffness in the joint leading to significant loss of range of motion.  Although there can be no specific reason for the increased stiffness, a common cause is rotator cuff tendonitis.
  • Impingement is when the muscle tendons and/or bursa rub against the nearby bone, causing irritation, pain and possible tearing.  The symptoms are worse when reaching overhead.
  • Dislocation or separation is usually caused by direct trauma or fall.  This is where the bones of the shoulder joint become separated or dislocated out of stable positioning.

Pilates and Physical Therapy can be a very powerful combination for training the shoulder for stability and mobility.  Get the proper training for shoulder movement with the trained eye of a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is also trained in Pilates!