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I see all types of athletes in my practice and they all have one common goal:  Avoid injury.  Pilates exercises are a great way to accomplish a full body workout addressing imbalances and promoting overall conditioning.  Through Pilates, you can train the muscles in all planes of movement, emphasizing balance and coordination.

Benefits of Pilates in sports training:

  • Muscle balance in all directions.  Most sports tend to be repetitive in a certain pattern. Pilates can emphasize the weaker pattern to strengthen the overall desired movement.
  • Flexibility.  Full range of motion is needed for effective muscle contractions, otherwise compensations occur which can lead to injury.
  • Coordination.  Pilates requires full attention to details while coordinating with your breath cycles.
  • Sense of overall balance.  A Pilates workout is designed to work the entire body and sport specific exercises can be emphasized to enhance performance.

Come experience the difference Pilates can make in your sport training!