“Karen far exceeded my expectations! She is so much more effective than traditional physical therapy”

Overcome Pain with Quality Care

Welcome to what healing should be… Individualized, high quality care with a Physical Therapist.

One-On-One Care:  With the ever changing atmosphere of physical therapy, the quality time with a the actual physical therapist has become a lost art. That is why Karen believes the boutique, one-on-one style of Pilates-based Physical Therapy is the most effective environment in which to heal. It allows her to fully treat her patients with their overall well-being in mind.

Effective Treatments = Less Visits:  There is no comparison between traditional methods and the individualized approach that Karen offers.  In traditional physical therapy, therapists see at least two patients per hour, if not more.  They utilize aides and modalities to fill the time.  With Karen, you will get the full session with her, no aides, no idle time and patients feel the difference!  “A session with Karen is equal to several ‘traditional’ physical therapy sessions” as stated by a satisfied patient.  Karen works toward permanent solutions with each patient, not just temporary relief.

Hands-on Treatments:  With the combination of manual therapy and Pilates exercises, patients experience improved function and decreased pain where quality of life can be restored. In a private, boutique style Pilates studio, each patient works one-on-one with Karen throughout their treatment, allowing for consistency of care and an individualized wellness plan.

Quicker Results:  Karen knows your time is valuable and you want to return to pain-free movement as quickly as possible. She shares that goal. She’ll provide an individualized treatment plan including hands-on treatment and carefully tailored exercises which, when combined with your dedication to improvement, will yield positive results so you can return to the activities you love.

Your initial evaluation will include a thorough assessment and evaluation of your symptoms and functional abilities. As Karen learns your history and listens to your goals and concerns, she’ll take the time to get to know you as a person. She’ll work with you to craft a treatment plan that best fits both your needs towards relief of symptoms and your schedule.

Follow up visits in Encinitas will include one-on-one manual therapy techniques in conjunction with functional exercises and exercises using the Pilates equipment. This consistent approach allows Karen to adjust your treatment plan as your body responds to therapy.

Karen is committed to helping you achieve long-term wellness. She will provide you the tools you need to permanently correct old postural patterns which cause muscle imbalances and teach you more efficient ways to move. Further progress can be made and maintained with progressive strengthening and core stability using the Pilates Method.

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